Showgirl Gloria White
Gloria at a very young age of 5 began to dance ballet and fell in love with dance.
She used to run money back and forth as a little girl in her fancy dresses and little matching purse for her Uncle Al who used to run a numbers racket back in New York from his basement of his deli in Manhattan.
Gloria remembers growing up in New York, she was raised eventually by her aunt Sadie and Uncle Al who were very wealthy and spoiled her with the finest things in life as they did not have children.
Her parents were on the road in show business, her raising was mostly with her aunt and uncle.
Her Sister Joan White took a singing gig in San Francisco at The famous Finocchio’s and Gloria married her High School sweetheart Piano Player Dave Lagan in Santa Rosa California had two children Barry and Adrianne their father passed away young with heart problems and Gloria went on to pursue her dancing career and eventually left Santa Rosa Ca. 
Her passion for dance brought her out to Reno at The famous Mapes Hotel and she landed her first paid dancing gig, her sister also and then both auditioned for The El Rancho in Vegas, worked there for several shows and went on to dance at The Tropicana Hotel Follies Bergier, The Lido at The Stardust hotel, The Frontier, and The Thunderbird hotel to name a few of the hotels they both worked at.
Gloria has stories that are very accurate and can tell you many secrets about the Real Mafia and celebrity gossip of the time such as when she dated Russian Louie (Mobster) who lavished attention on her and even a serious Marriage proposal but Gloria declined politely and managed to remain as friends.
It was no big deal to fly off in Sinatra’s Jet to Mexico City with his entourage where later she would eventually meet her younger daughter Constanza’s father Victor Mancilla future husband handsome Bullfighter Victor Mancilla on set of The Movie Studios of Churubusco in Mexico city where Chuck Conners was filming El Durango who was dating Glorias friend Leanne Austin “ Las Vegas Showgirl “
Gloria hung out with celebs and Mafia back in the day when to her it was just normal being in Vegas and when it was a small town. Horseback riding with people like Shecky Green and Keely Smith and then back on stage by 8.  
The Time Howard Hughes sent fur coats back stage to Gloria and an unforgettable dinner with him as he was a tad strange only ordering her dinner for her and yet not for himself. She recounts the fact that she refused the coats who needed a fur coat in the Desert? However accepted dinner with Mr. Hughes and remembers that he was a perfect gentleman and very interesting, but a little too eccentric and remained friends since she was not really interested in leaving her then exciting dance career at the time.

Gloria was a smart lady going on to invest her earnings in Real Estate and has lived a great life as she has traveled the world extensively throughout the years and enjoyed the company of her dear good friends such as Cindy Doumani her Sorority sister and showbiz of over 40 years , Mafalda The famous Piano player, Shecky Green, and her close friend Jenny Abrahms who also danced in Vegas and married Haiman Abrams Mobster / co owner of the Former Sands Hotel who passed in 2014 to name a few .
Gloria has remained elegant , graceful and has aged very well and continues to stay active with her new showgirl friends like Julie Langille and Malury Huch whom she plays Bingo with every week.
Gloria stays busy sometimes hanging out backstage in the greenroom of events that her Daughter Costanza and son in Law Guillermo Areizaga puts on with their company Everything Entertainment, Inc production company helping oversee costumes and chatting with the performers.
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